Yoga and coffee? Yes please!

By November 28, 2016Blog

Our Yoco Loft studio at East Coast Road is nestled within a quaint district, where old meets new. Of course, between rows and rows of shophouses are some of the best hidden cafes. We’ll let you in on five of our favourites here — now you know where to find us sloshing down coffees after class!

Carvers and Co.

Image credit: Carvers and Co.

Of course, the cafe which Yoco Loft shares a space with tops the list. Walking through Carvers before class is a huge test, because the aroma of coffee could just draw you in and have you skip a class for a cuppa. Resist, my yogis! Come upstairs for your practice first — then coffee. Nic, their coffee honcho, has been making coffee before latte art was cool. Have an espresso and taste the quality in their unique coffee blend. Go for a burger if you’re hungry — only if you did sweat it out at yoga first!

43 East Coast Road
Singapore 428764


Baker’s Well

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This humble bakery started out in 2004, producing wholesome and homemade bread for the love of it. Today, Baker’s Well retains its cosy charm despite its rising popularity in the neighbourhood. Pick up a chicken pie which pastry is flaky and buttery. The bag of red bean buns weigh a ton, which means they are generously filled with yummy bean paste. And they’re naturally sweet. We’ve celebrated Midah’s birthday with its whole chocolate cake too. Mmm.

35 East Coast Road,
Singapore 428754




Group Therapy

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Tucked away at the back entrance of Fairprice Finest in Katong V, this discreet cafe is surprising packed even on a weekday morning. And that’s because Group Therapy has a reputation for its good coffee and cosy vibes. This outlet is its second outpost, the first being on Duxton Road. We’ve enjoyed its flat white with a hearty Croque Madame. Bring a nice book along, you’d probably enjoy staying a little longer if time’s on your side.

30 East Coast Road
Katong V #01-11
Singapore 428751


Rabbit Carrot Gun

Image caption: Rabbit Carrot Gun

Image caption: Rabbit Carrot Gun

Little did we know that this casual dining restaurant serves up coffee, until we enjoyed a good chat with lady boss Tricia. Tricia makes a mean cup of coffee and great conversation with her friendly cheerful vibes. There are delicious cakes to be had at Rabbit Carrot Gun, which are perfect pairing with coffee after a yoga class. RCG is just a stone’s throw away from Yoco Loft.

131 East Coast Rd
Singapore 428816


Stamping Ground Coffee

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Image credit:

A bit of travelling is required to reach this new cafe in the hood, but commitment is how we get to most good things. Co-owner Chow shares this space with florist Dawn Q, and we must say we love the coffee + flower combi. Stamping Ground is our favourite “flower cafe” to slow down and reflect over coffee, after having taught a couple of morning classes. Shena especially enjoys the cinnamon roll — irresistible when it’s nicely warmed up in the oven — dipped in her flat white! So wrong, but so good.

87 Upper East Coast Road
Singapore 455223


Written by Shena, yoga teacher at YOCO

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