Co-founder & Creative Director

Sandra discovered Yoga a few years ago through a discount voucher on a month’s unlimited pass. From there, she fell completely in love with the practice. Realizing that yoga complemented her fondness for sports, she then took her 200hrs Hatha/Ashtanga yoga teacher training with hopes of sharing her passion with other people. In 2015, Sandra opened her very own yoga studio – The Yoga Co.

Sandra believes that the three key elements to fitness comprise of strength, flexibility and stamina and it was through this formula that she came up with The Yoga Co.’s signature training program, the ‘Triple Threat Bootcamp’.

Sandra also juggles her time between making music as ¼ of homegrown pop band – The Sam Willows. And as part of her fitness regime, she trains with weights at the gym and has recently picked up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Evolve MMA. She also has a penchant for overfeeding her tailless cat Ruffles.

1. Why should people come to The Yoga Co?
Because we want to get to know you! Haha. We’re fun, down to earth and basically a family. You don’t have to worry about a intimidating first class, because of our cosy studios and friendly Teachers, you won’t feel lost at all the moment you walk through our doors.

2. Favourite/Signature pose?
Downward facing dog. Nothing fancy but it’s such a beautiful foundation pose. Strengthens and stretches out the legs, the arms, the back and it also serves as an assessment pose, transitional pose and resting pose. Very much like a 3 in 1 coffee but better!

3. If you were given a free ticket anywhere, where would you go?
Is space an option here? Haha.

4. What’s the best gift you ever received? 
The Yoga Co. The opportunity to share my love of yoga with Singapore and the opportunity to grow and practice with such a beautiful community like the Yocohana.