Owner & Calisthenics Instructor

Classes instructed by Haaziq:
Cali Strength
Cali Strength+
Cali Core
Cali Rings
Handstand Basics

Starting as a Physical Training Instructor in the Police Force, Haaziq’s tasks included training 30-40 people at once with little to no fitness equipment. He embraced the challenge and took the simplest and most effective approach by writing Calisthenics programs for his trainees every session. Believing Calisthenics to be the best method of physical training, he co-founded Start Station Bodyweight Fitness to share his programs, and has now extended them to the roster at The Yoga Co.

He got his first taste of Yoga when one of his Calisthenics students invited him to a Yoga class, but was only bitten by the Yoga bug a few years later while on a solo trip to Krabi. During this time, he attended Yoga classes every evening in a small peaceful hut near the beach where he achieved a state of peacefulness that left him irrevocably hooked on the practice.

What else do you do besides Calisthenics?
I’m also a Yoga practitioner – I actually just acquired my YTT certification.

What do you love most about spreading the practice of Calisthenics?
I love when people realise how difficult an “easy” move actually is when done correctly (like the plank, push up, and pullups) and at the same time, how simple a difficult move (like human flag, front lever, and muscle up) can be when broken down into parts and done progressively.

Note that simple does not mean easy.

If you were a fictional character, who would you be?
Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious)

If you could have a super power, what would it be?
I wanna be able to teleport!

What’s your secret talent?
I wouldn’t say it’s talent but I like to sing. Used to be in bands and performed for school events.

Favorite Disney movie?

How has your practice complemented your life?
Calisthenics makes working out really easy for me given my hectic schedule. I can stay strong and lean by doing exercises ANYWHERE.