Classes instructed by Fizzy:
Power Flow
Arm Balance / Inversions
Yin Yang

What got you started?
I found yoga at the age of 30, in early 2015 after facing a plateau in my calisthenics practices. Flexibility was a love-hate relationship because I wasn’t able to touch my toes in my first yoga class. I went out of my comfort zone and it did not take long for me to fall in love with yoga.
Ever since I’ve started teaching in 2016, I’ve strongly upheld a holistic approach to bodyweight routines. My yoga classes is pretty balanced in both flexibility, strength, mobility, and breathing techniques.

What else do you do?
I read quite a lot and you’ll always see me glued to my Kindle on the train!
I chose Kindle because it displaces me away from using my handphone and getting distracted with the notifications. My own kind of meditation and me-time.
I used to read a lot during my school days but lost it upon graduation and these days, I’m always finding time to read.

What do you love most about spreading the practice?
I love the two-way communication in class, the basic essential for mankind, and I always treasure every form of communication, even if it’s as short as a greeting. I love to inspire like-minded people. Seeing the smiles and joy from everyone that come into class is like a sense of hope in a difficult situation.
I hope everyone will bring this ‘ability’ out of their mat practice into creating a world of hope and promises.

If you were a fictional character, who would you be?
I’ve always been a fan of Flash since I was young.
His messy world started as early as 11 years old when his mother was murdered by a villain of the future and his dad was sent to prison after being framed as the murderer. He got his power in mid-20s when a lightning struck in his crime scene department. Ever since then, he juggled personal life, being The Flash saving the city, being part of The Justice League facing supervillians while still controlling himself from abusing his ability to run back and forth through time to make changes on timeline itself. Badass! Did I not also say that he’s an amiable person.

If you could have a super power, what would it be?
Super speed of course, need I say more?

What’s your secret talent?
It shall remain as a secret. Say hi to me in the studio space and I’ll share it with you personally.

Favorite Disney movie?
To infinity and beyond!

How has your workout complemented your life?
I am very much an addict in arm balancing and inversion. Particularly handstands that require concentration (trust me, heaps load of it!).
In that moment of stillness, I realise I am one with the body, mind and breath. Everything else, disappears. I find joy in challenges and taking baby steps in progression which relates to my current philosophy of living: #MaximumEffort