Staying heart-centered for greater emotional wellbeing

By May 26, 2017Blog

Staying heart-centered for greater emotional wellbeing

Living in the digital age can have its perks. While we optimise our lives with various apps and hacks, many do not notice that this race to improve our lives can take a toll on us. Things now move a little too fast and we get bombarded by more information than we can handle.

Try to recall your last few conversations with your friends or colleagues. Were you gossiping? Were you complaining how unfair a situation was? Try to recall the last time you felt completely energised, yet relaxed. Do you remember the last time you took a risk and pursued your dreams?

The truth is, if we want to feel sustained joy and peace, we need to make conscious efforts to stay heart-centered. Being heart-centered means coming from a place of love in all that we do and speak. Not limited to romantic love, this universal love vibration can manifest in kindness, generosity, patience, compassion and forgiveness.

It is not difficult to recognise the heart-centered ones. These people know their place and value in this world. They are positive, cheerful and are willing to give and share unconditionally. However, one cannot give from an empty vessel. It is important to fill our hearts before we can give. So here are some tips to stay in this yummy vibration.

  1. Make self care a priority
    Self care is often underrated and overlooked although it determines the quality of every aspect of our lives. When it’s time for lunch, don’t make do with biscuits from the pantry. If you need some quiet time, don’t be afraid to give that party a miss. If you don’t feel well, get treated immediately.This sounds like common sense, but it may surprise you how often we neglect ourselves and instead, rely on others to do so. Everyone wants to be cared for, but when we lack this fundamentally, it creates dependency which affects our self-esteem and relationships in the long run. When we take care of ourselves, we reinforce the message that we are worthy of love.
  2. Nourish yourself
    Just like plants, we need fertilisers to thrive and blossom. When our basic needs are covered, we can enrich our lives by engaging in activities that makes us happy. Deep in our hearts, there is an inner child who wants to play. The child has beautiful dreams and it’s time to pay attention. Have you always wanted to pick up painting or dancing? Or is a career in a completely new direction calling out to you? Listen, take action and fill your heart with even more joy.
  3. Create space
    When there’s a lot of noise around us, it’s hard to discern between the our inner voice and fears. Buffer yourself from negative news and people. Slow down, space out your appointments and give yourself some room to breathe. If meditation is not your cup of tea, try something else that allows you to devote time to nothing but yourself.
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