Step out of your comfort zone – get a taste of The Big Island of Hawaii with our Buddhi Yoga Workshop!

The Yoga Co. will be hosting Felicia Lubertazzi, a certified Buddhi Yoga Instructor based in Hawaii, Malta, and Munich on 8th April 2019, from 3:30pm to 5pm for an introduction to the dynamic practice of Buddhi Yoga.

The 90-minute session will only cost $20!

What is Buddhi Yoga?

Founded in Big Island, Hawaii, Buddhi Yoga is a bit of everything wonderful – it is a blend of Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga, cardio, powerful plyometrics, ab sequences, awesome music, and tribal dance (to get that buddhi-shakin’!).

This practice will kick your ass-ana and push you to challenge what your body is capable of, but it will also make you laugh, love, and connect to your strength, sexuality, and sacral chakra. This practice is meant to challenge and empower, to push through boundaries and reemerge more confident, vibrant, and aligned.

If you are interested to dip your toes into something outside of your comfort zone, The Yoga Co. is your safe place to do it!

Email in to confirm your slot now!

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