Let go and make space for better days

By January 20, 2017Blog

Did you know? Add up the numbers in 2016 and you’ll see that last year was a “9” year in numerology that mirrors the highly charged and dramatic nature of the number. It also signifies the final sprint towards closures, and getting ready for new things to come.

2017 varies vastly from 2016. While 2016 was about the endings, 2017 marks new beginnings and fresh opportunities. 2017 is a “one” year in numerology, where many good things start on a clean slate. However, these are available only if we can let go of the past. Only by letting go can we make space for the good that the present moment brings.

Forgive with grace
Forgiveness is both a choice and a freedom. Not just for the person who has hurt you, but for yourself too. Hurtful memories can scar and will affect future relationships you encounter. It’s never easy to smooth out scars but if we forgive with grace, we can eventually free ourselves to be whole again.

Change yourself
Rather than creating New Year’s resolutions with only wants and desires, subtract something from your life. Commit to letting go of limiting thoughts and behaviour. We can’t walk the distance or be on speed if we are weighed down by negativity. Rid of what’s keeping you from being your best.

Detoxify relationships
Sadly, the greatest limitation to our potential can be the ones who love us, or whom we thought love us. If someone has been putting you down with words, hurting you with actions, or even wearing you out with their worries and disbelief in your true potential, it is time to have a honest conversation first — then re-assess if you should move on.

Written by Shena, yoga teacher at YOCO