Embracing Transitions

By July 19, 2017Blog

New beginnings are always looked forward to. They bring a sense a freshness, hope and infinite possibilities. This is why the New Year is usually celebrated with so much excitement and fanfare. People just want to put the past behind them and start things anew.

But the truth with every beginning is that, an ending is also necessary. We can’t welcome the new with open arms when they are holding stuff from the past. We can’t step forward into the new if old baggage still keeps us shackled. This is why many New Year’s resolutions fail.

For instance, getting fit is on the top of the list for many people. They start out excited by the thought of something new but may not successfully create the healthy lifestyle they had envisioned. A common reason many cite for abandoning their exercise regime is due to lack of time – busy at work, with our social lives and family obligations.

If one wants to successfully incorporate fitness into their lives, one must be prepared to make behavioural changes, and sometimes a very conscious change in perspective to drive all the actions necessary to make that one adjustment.

If we are not getting off time at a decent time, does it suggest something wrong with the way we work? Can we work smarter and more efficiently? Or we not setting the right boundaries and end up taking on more than we are supposed to? Or could you secretly be a workaholic, that work life balance is actually not a priority to you? Whatever the reason is, that needs to go. The old way needs to be released – whether is it working inefficiently, of letting our colleagues take advantage of us and believing that work life balance is not important.

For changes that are bigger and potentially life altering, fear of uncertainty can get in the way of us moving through the threshold completely. It is understandably hard to move out of one’s comfort zone even if the current situation no longer serves us. This is why people stay in abusive relationships and situations. It is sometimes just too scary to leave what is familiar, and even scarier to admit the failures to ourselves.

The thing is, we never have to go through anything ourselves. Transitions are never easy. Surround yourself with positive loving people to keep you motivated to make the right choices. Make a yoga date with your best pal to ensure you actually make it to the mat. Let your loved ones know your struggles, let them support you, and allow yourself to be seen completely.

Also, keep your energy high. You know that on good days, you actually accomplish so much more. Watch an inspirational TEDx video, start your day with positive affirmations or prayers, avoid negative content and comments on Facebook and engage in simple joyful actions. Keep breathing, stay centred and always return to the wisdom of your heart.

It’s safe to take that step, my friend.