Cali: Strength

This full-body Calisthenics bodyweight workout will improve your strength, power and endurance. This class is designed to work the entire body in unison as we explore movements like knee-ups, support-holds,pull-ups and push-up variations, pistol squats, and tricep dips, with emphasis on form and control. By using techniques like time under tension and explosive action, you will develop strength to move on to advanced Calisthenics movements like planche, front lever and handstands. Beginners are welcomed in this multi-level class!


Cali: Core

Build functional strength to progress into more advanced movements and improve overall performance. Cali Core will hit every core muscle that runs from the shoulders to the quads, including the lower back, hips and glutes. With the use of dynamic and static core exercises using the parallettes, bars, gymnastic rings as well as floor exercises, this class builds core stability, functional posture, dynamic motion and flexibility.


Cali: Rings + Lever + Straight Arm Strength

Have fun on the gymnastic rings and train like a gymnast in this fun yet challenging class. You’ll learn to work on Calisthenics moves like the front and back lever, as well as dragonflag and planche.

High-Intensity Interval Training


Get your muscles moving and blood pumping quick as a wink, shedding fat in small pockets of time. Our 60-minute HIIT classes incorporate the use of kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, and bodyweight movements to get you
moving and sweating.


Arm Balance + Inversions Conditioning

Strength. Endurance. Balance.

Work on the fundamentals of arm balances + inversions, and proprioception awareness in our Arm Balance + Inversions Conditioning classes. This practice also builds your confidence and muscles to be inversion-ready. If you’ve always wanted to get inverted, we assure you’ll be in headstand or flying into arm balancing poses within 10 classes, or less!

View the world from a different perspective.


Mobility + Flexibility

Flexibility is the ability of a muscle(s) to lengthen, whereas mobility is the ability of a joint to move actively through a range of motion. Work on active, dynamic stretching as well as PNF stretches to improve both your flexibility as well as mobility. Work towards your front splits, middle splits, scorpion as well as needle pose.


Yoga Basics

Let us set strong foundations for our yoga practice.

Learn the right alignment of the asanas and breathing techniques. This 60-minute practice is definitely ideal for first-timers and advanced yogis seeking to work on the fundamentals of yoga in their practice.


Ashtanga Basics

Ashtanga yoga is a traditional series of postures done in the same order every time to achieve purification of mind and body. In our Ashtanga practice, we will focus on traditional alignments and proper breathing techniques. Our Ashtanga Basics class is suitable for beginners to the Ashtanga practice.


Yin Yang

The balance of the gentle, quiet, meditative practice of Yin Yoga with the powerful, active, and dynamic movements of Yang Yoga.

The Yin portion of the class will teach us to relax our muscles, allowing gentle stretching of the hips, thighs, and lower back.

The Yang portion of the class integrates a sense of steadiness and alignment, allowing openness, awareness, and endurance while strengthening and
toning the body.


Immunity Booster (Yoga for Immunity)

Improve your body’s resistance and immunity. This class will work with pranayama (intentional breath-work) to give your blood the boost of oxygen required to generate new circulation, and flow through detoxifying asanas (yoga poses) such as twists and binds to improve the body’s circulatory process, thereby strengthening the body’s ability to combat sickness.



Restorative and relaxing, this 60-minute stretch is what you need after a day’s of hard work, or simply to slow down. The practice of yin yoga is the stretching of fascia, connective tissue in our body. We gently release by holding poses for a longer time, in a meditative state. Feel rejuvenated and gain flexibility in stiff areas such as hips, shoulders and the spine.



Energetic, dynamic and challenging sequences that allow you to move with your breath through smooth transitions. Get ready to awaken your body and mind and you will feel refreshed and energised after class! Multi-level but expect it to be fast-paced!

Yoga + HIIT (Hybrid)

Yoga + HIIT 75

Our exclusive 75-minute Yoga + HIIT 75 class focuses on intensive strength, flexibility, and stamina training with yoga principles as the foundation. Consisting of yoga and HIIT, this class is not for the weak-hearted. Our collective bursts of energy make getting fit, seriously fun. Highly recommended for athletes and new yogis with basic practice.


Hatha Flow

In this practice, we focus on alignment and mindful self-centering. Align the mind and body through aligning your breath with each pose. A combination of strength and flexibility is required for the static poses held in this 60-minute practice. This class is suitable for beginners.


Barre HIIT

Tone your legs, glutes, arms and core with a combination of low impact movements from the barre practice and heart-pumping body weight cardio sets for a full body workout on the mat. Each session strengthens small muscle fibers which increases endurance in other forms of exercise – from running to yoga. Stretches will be included at the end of class to cool down.


Energising and dynamic, connect breath with movement as you flow through smoothly connected intermediate to advanced poses. If you are a total beginner to yoga, it is recommended to attend Yoga Basics, Hatha Flow or Flow classes first before Power classes.