The Faculty of Calisthenics and Yoga (previously The Yoga Collective) is Singapore’s best hybrid Calisthenics – Yoga – HIIT studio where your goals are their mission.

Founded by Haaziq (@caliwithziqqy) and Ashikin (@ashyclair) who believe that yoga principles are the foundation that help strengthen the physical practice of Calisthenics and HIIT.

The Faculty’s Calisthenics training program runs on a structured week focus:

  • Even Weeks focus on Power + Strength;
  • Odd Weeks focus on Hypertrophy + Muscular Endurance.

This structured training program ensures students progress efficiently and achieve the best results from trainings. They offer the most complete calisthenics strength training program and their class ranges from beginner-level to advanced. To complement their strength training, they also have mobility and flexibility classes as well as specialized skill training classes such as Rings + Levers + Straight Arm Strength as well as Handstands classes.

Find yourself at The Faculty #jointhefaculty